Administrative Board

Aktif Media ASBL

Suat Bezeng

Tufan Özgür

Necdet Karataşlı,
Aktif TV General coordinator

Tayfun Veli Arslan’o
Aktif TV General manager

Tarık Demirci
Office Coordinator

Hidayet Utal
Turkey Specialist

Ayşe Mutlu
Genk Regional Manager

This is the main staff of Aktif Media, and cooperation is made with different individuals or organizations in activities such as Aktif TV, Aktif News Belgium, Aktif Mersin News. Active TV programmers were not included in the relevant list. Active News Belgium editors and steering committee did not take part. Although the list does not represent Aktif Media (Roof Organization), the titles are included. The relevant Administrative Board contributes to all studies. Contributors to partial projects are also announced through announcements.

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